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Nu Tau Beta Fraternity Incorporated is a non-collegiate LGBT Greek Organization for Masculine of Center People-Stud, Dom, AG, Butch, Transmen, Androgynous.


"Distinctive Individuals, Together We Are One".


Our primary mission is to foster personal growth of our members and perpetuate life-long Bruthahood.  We will achieve this by creating ethical leaders who are motivated by the principles of honor, dedication, love, inclusivity and commitment to our community.


Nu Tau Beta Fraternity Incorporated is an organization that promotes and encourages the acceptance of all people regardless of their self-expression. Our Fraternity is founded on the principles of developing relationships that enhance interpersonal, educational and professional growth.


The Purpose of Nu Tau Beta Fraternity Incorporated is to make a greater impact within society through the development of character, advocacy, service and leadership. 


Nu Tau Beta Fraternity Incorporated believes we have a responsibility to be servant leaders within the community and give back. This contribution takes many forms. Fundraising, bringing awareness, and volunteerism are the key ways we fulfill our responsibility. Below are some of the causes we support.


This area of focus will encompass promoting healthy lifestyles among our members as well as in our communities. Disease prevention and awareness that includes but is not limited to cancer, diabetes, leukemia, lupus, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, mental health and substance abuse.  Some of the ways our organization will participate in addressing this platform includes:

  • Regular health and wellness screenings 

  • Promoting regular exercise regiments

  • Homelessness

  • Disease prevention and awareness


The safety portion includes promoting personal safety of each of our members as well as the safety of our families and communities. Nu Tau Beta Fraternity Inc. stands firmly against violence against others, especially the less fortunate. This includes domestic violence and abuse and neglect in any form (mental, physical, financial, emotional), especially against vunerable groups(the elderly, children and animals).

Recognizing The "T" In LGBTQ

​Our organization understands that this segment our community still endures many prejudices in regards to employment, housing, abuse, and acceptance even among our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender brothers and sisters. Therefore, Nu Tau Beta Fraternity, Inc. stand as advocates for our transgender family and vow to work on future projects that increase awareness, inclusion, employment and housing.

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