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Now Accepting Applications for 2024


How can 1 person love another and they have never met? To that same person, how can they be loyal and trust them? Let me explain, you can love and trust with your heart with the belief of whatever you are feeling is real. Bruthahood is not the distinction of one's doubts. It's a life-long commitment and knowledge to know this is my brutha. The reputation of a Stud/Transmen is not the soft-hearted nature that we seem to be. We carry this hard-core exterior that you see on the outside. That's what makes this a great organization. Were not judgmental, and we live and stand by what we say. The experience is very satisfying and nurturing. NO ONE should ever be able to come between the bond you have with your brutha.

In order to be eligible for membership in Nu Tau Beta Fraternity Incorporated be eligible an individual must identify themselves as Masculine of center People-stud, Dom, AG, Butch, Transmen, and/or Androgynous.

Individuals Must: 

•    Be a minimum of 21 yrs. of age
•    Be able to come to site of crossing
•    Be free to travel within the United States and abroad
•    Be able to pay membership fees and dues (No Exceptions)

•    Have internet and cell phone access

•    Uphold  the behavioral code of conduct as well as other                  responsibilities outlined in our Constitution and By-Laws

•    Not be a current member of any LGBTQ Fraternity or                        Sorority

•    Complete the Pledge process and/or be grandfathered in

Membership Qualifications for Nu Tau Beta Fraternity, Inc. 
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